Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Computer as a blessing of science

Computer is a wonderful invention of modern science. It is an ultra modern electronic device for storing and analyzing information fed into it. Ti has no capacity to do anything by itself. It works on the basis of commands given by the operator.
Computer was not invented over night. It took long time and hard labour to invention computer. Many votaries of science worked hard. Thus computer is the result of hard labour of many votaries of science. First of all Pascal invention the theory of digital calculating system in 1642. Though his attempts were not crowned with success, he initiated the research which paved the way to the invention of computer.

A computer consists of five major components. They are the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit and the arithmetic unit.
A computer performs three functions
1. It receive data
2. It processes data by various computations
3. It emits data

Every computer has a machine language of its own and accordingly a computer functions. Machine language is not fixed. It varies from machine to machine. Programmers written in machine languages are machine dependent and they are only good for that particular machine.
Computer is of great use to us. It renders great service to mankind. It is like Aladdin’s magic lamp or magic wand. It has lessened our work loads and made our life easy and comfortable. It is used in our daily life for various purposes.

Of late computer has been introduced in Bangladesh. Many government and non-government offices, educational institutions are using computer. A course on computer has been introduced in secondary and higher secondary levels. The day is not far to come when computers will be used in every sphere of life.

            Computer is of great use to us. We can not go a single moment without computers. It is part and parcel in our daily life

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